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york city alone. 80% of new york city subway service has been restored, but it may be days before gas shortages are rer stored and the national guard has been called in to keep order at gas stations. the storm has caused an estimated $20 billion in damages, plus an estimated $50 billion in economic losses to the region. the state of new jersey was hit hardest, and for more on that, we're going to ben tracy in tuckerton beach, good morning, ben. >> reporter: good morning, bob. this is what so many neighborhoods all along the new jersey shore look like. they're almost frozeep in time. there is really no recovery going on here yet because these areas have just been too dangerous to get into until now. this weekend was really the first time that so many people who live around here are coming back to see how damaged their houses are. many are finding they have no home at all. across new jersey, you're still talking about nearly a million people without power, and that's becoming a real issue, because temperature here's at night are falling into the low 30s, so it's very cold for the people
happen to be doing this in luxembourg for the first time in my life, not living in new york city, not working, but taking care of my four-year-old children, while my wife works an insane job of 70-hour weeks and traveling all over the place. and i was-- i was at home with a washing machine that was in german and a stove in german. and i spoke no german. and so i used this thing called intensiveness because it sound trike had a lot of exclamation points. and i burned everything. and i had to become a new person who knew how to use a stove in german, knew how to spend my days on the floor with the children playing leg organization buying butcher cuts in french. and being a stay-at-home parent. and i don't think i ever approached being a woman, but this-- in luxembourg, 99% of the people doing this were women, and i was a lone man in this world surround by women. >> schieffer: my daughter said you did the best job and had the most insight into what a mom does while dad is off doing whatever it is he does. and i think that's part of the success of your book. but we'll get back to tha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)